The use of water purifiers and when to change filter cartridge

Time:2017/4/28 13:50:43

 Now days, the bottled water comes into all home in China that has now changed the habit of drinking water. During producing of bottled water, we remove harmful impurities, providing people with real convenient and hygienic drinking water. But there are still lots of problems that exists. Some bottled water suppliers using cheap buckets that come from waste materials, resulting in clean water is contaminated again. Moreover, every liter of water that comes out from a bottled water cooler, there must me some air with bacterial in the water bottle. If not cleaning the bottle from time to time, a secondary pollution will happens to water. Comparing to water purification products, water comes out from a water purification is much more reliable, the water purifier filters can effectively stop the secondary pollution on water, so people can drink water instantly after purifying. Also, the water filters retain the beneficial ingredients at the same time of cleaning the harmful impurities. But, water filter cartridge as an essential part of a water purifier and a consumable part, so when to change filter cartridge?


Actually the difference of the filter element material will make the water filter cartridge has a different function on purifying the water, taking PP filter cartridge and activated carbon filter cartridge for example. With constantly using of water purifier, the impurities in water will jam the PP filter cartridge, and activated carbon filters will absorb saturation. So normally after 3 month of using PP filters, you will need to change it, and for activated carbon filter cartridge, it takes around half a year. The above two filters can not stops the bacteria and other organic pollutants, so it’s not suggested using alone.


Hollow fiber filtration, what we known such as UF filters, the filter using purely physical isolation, filtering reaches to around 0.1-0.01 um, can effectively removes bacteria and impurities. If a water purifier has this filter, the water then will be directly drinkable. The hollow fiber filter can not be washed, used normally after PP filter cartridge and active carbon filter cartridge. Otherwise it’s easy to get jammed, the life time for this is about 1-2 years.